Located in the Schmid Innovation Center, the Dubuque Millwork Collective, is a dynamic multi-tenant organization supporting non-profits and community initiatives. DMC Partners operate more efficiently and generate increased impact through co-location and shared services. The resulting collaboration provides cost savings while fostering new opportunities and a greater focus on each partner’s individual mission. 

Dubuque Millwork Collective

Dubuque Millwork Collective

11 nonprofits currently make up the Dubuque Millwork Collective and serve a wide variety of purposes. To learn about each member, please click here.

The strength of a community is enhanced by the mission-driven non-profit organizations that seek an open aesthetic, aesthetics, and a positive social environment. Read more.

The Schmid Innovation Center (formerly known as the CARADCO Building) is a multi-use space made up of nonprofits, commercial, retail, and residential tenants. Please click here to learn more.